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Why a blog? Simple. Cacoethes Scribendi -- the urge to write! My literary pretensions and caprices bring me here. Like any writer I write to be read. All my posts, though fettered to my small world and trivially myopic, will live and yearn that somebody connects to them someday. Cognitive frenzies, sardonic musings, aimless banters, incoherent ramblings and trivial indulgences; this is simply an episodic narrative of my trivial world -- in a grain of sand… Smaller than Life.


When I am dead,
I hope it is said,
'His sins were scarlet,
but his books were read'.

- Hillaire Belloc

This is my letter to the world
That never wrote to me, --
The simple news that Nature told
With tender majesty.

Her message is committed
To hands I cannot see;
For love of her, sweet countrymen,
Judge tenderly of me!

- Emily Dickinson

The thoughts of our past years
          in me doth breed
Perpetual benediction

- William Wordsworth

Saturday, October 15, 2005

While discussing Sangam poetry and the likes, a friend reeled off a Thirukkural that was in his head. Then, I couldn't get it out of mine.

I look on her,
Her eyes are on the ground the while;
I look away,
She glances at me and timidly smiles.

Comments via Blogger:

which tirukkural is this????
and u need to activate word verification or watever that is!!

Hey can you plz tell me what the tamil version is ? I have been breaking my head for a long time.. not able to figure out what it is :)

Oh! :)

Misha and Vivitsa: This one is a transliteration of kural number 1094, if I remember right. It figures in the Kaamathuppaal / Inbatthuppaal section of the Thirukkural.

I thought only english was ur play ground.

Didnt know u venture into tamil literature too!

As you have mentioned about sangam literature, just to prevent people from assuming that Thirukural belongs to Sangam lieterature, i would wanna tell them that Trhirukural actually belongs to post SANGAM period of tamil literature calssified as PathinenkEl Kanakku.

the tamil version is
"YAnnOkkum kAlai nilamnOkkum nOkkAkkAl,
thAnnOkki mella nagum"
under Kurippu Aridhal adhigAram

Reminds me of Tagore's lines:
"If it sets your heart aflutter,
I will take away my eyes from your face."

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